An Alco Railroad in the Ozarks

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A&M (ex-Guilford) 420 leads the northbound FSTN (Fort Smith Turn) south of Winslow, AR on 8 April 1988. (Ken Albrecht photo)

In September 1986, the Arkansa & Missouri short-line was born, and before too long it became a reliable freight partner with area shippers, as well as a popular destination for tourists and railfans. The 150-mile south central U.S. railroad was started by an investor group dedicated to restoring first-class freight and passenger service to the region. The Arkansas-based enterprise got its start by acquiring a stretch of track originally built by the San Fransisco-St.Louis railroad (Frisco), which had merged in 1980 with the Burlington Northern.

The A&M, during its first quarter-century, relied heavily on the durability and power of an aging all-Alco locomotive roster. Most of the veteran Alcos are no longer in revenue freight service unless otherwise needed. But, the 251-engined Alcos (and two RS1s with Alco 539 engines) can often be found on the point of A&M excursion trains or handling yard duties.

Thanks to the photographic efforts of Ken Albrecht and others, the railroad's eclectic fleet of Alcos are chronicled here.

(Introduction by Michael Richmond)

* * * Photo Gallery by Ken Albrecht (unless otherwisw noted) * * *

RS1 #22

A&M #20 and 22 at Springdale, Arkansas on 15 February 1990.

#RS1 22 in Action

RS1 #22 with passenger excursion at Van Buren, Arkansas in Fall 1991.

RS32 #42

A&M #42 at Springdale, Arkansas on 9 June 1987.

RS32 #42 in Action

A&M #42 readies to leave Fort Smith with northbound FSTN on 11-18-87.

C420 #1324

A&M #1324 (ex-SCL/L&N) at Springdale, Arkansas on 7 August 1987.

C420 #416 in Action

A&M #416 with s/b Fort Smith Turn at Van Buren, AR on 11-19-1987.

C420 #50

A&M #50 (ex-Essex Terminal 106) at Springdale, Arkansas on 10-16-1989.

C420 #54 in Action

A&M #54 with MTTN (Monett Turn) at Rogers, AR on 13 May 1989.

M420W #74

A&M #74 (ex-CN 2567 / 3567) at Springdale, Arkansas in July 2014. (J.L. Hickey photo)

M420W in Action

A&M 3554 with train at Monett, AR on 6 August 2007. (Bob Courtney photo)

C424 #01

A&M #01 (ex-BRC #601) at Springdale on 10-16-1989. (John Shumann photo)

C424 #34 in Action

A&M #34 works Springdale yard on 11 Feb. 2015. (Zach Pumphrey photo)

C630M #630

A&M #70 at Springdale, Arkansas (Jerry Coffey photo).

#630M in Action

WNY&P #630 (ex-A&M) at Port Allegheny, PA. (Joseph Cermak photo)

T6 #14

A&M #14 at Springdale, Arkansas on 6 July 1987.

T6s #12 & 14 Ready for Action

A&M #12 powers the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Dinner at West Fork on 1 April 1989.

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