Alligators: Make Strange Pets

T.H. Chenweth photo (R. Craig collection)

Steve Schmollinger photo at Eugene, OR

A survey of Alco fans would probably show that the six-axle RSD15/17 "alligator" was one of their all-time favorite diesels. The Schenectady, NY manufacturer built sixty-three of the elongated low-nose models between January 1959 and March 1960. (It also built 12 high-nose versions of the 2400-hp locomotive.) ATSF was the largest alligator buyer with 50 units (#800-849), SSW bought 10 (#850-859), and SP purchased 3 (#4816-4818). The ranks of the so-called alligators grew slightly when Quebec Cartier Mining chopped the nose of six ex-B&LE high-nose RSD15s #881-886 (nee DM&IR #50-55). The only other example was Canadian Pacific RSD17 #8921. The one-of-a-kind model was built in 1957 by Montreal Locomotive Works, (an Alco subsidiary). Comparable to its 2400-hp Alco-built cousins, it received the low-nose treatment from CPR shop forces in 1988.

A few of the popular alligators now reside in museums. The one at the Illinois Railroad Museum is still active, while the others are primarily static exhibits.


Second-Hand Owners

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Austin & Texas Central 442

David Hawkins photo

Cartier 95

John C.Benson photo

Fox River Valley 2406

Mike Danneman photo

Green Bay & Western 2407

Chuck Schwesinger photo

Indiana Hi-Rail 442

Mike Danneman photo

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 2401

Chuck Schwesinger photo

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 2404

Frank Keller photo

Squaw Creek 9842

Sid Vaught photo

Utah Railway 403

James Belmont photo

Wabash & Ohio 442

R. Craig photo





Museum Exhibits

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Arkansas Railway Museum

Andy Tucker photo

Elgin County Railway Museum

Dave Broughton photo

Illinois Railway Museum

Robby Gragg photo

Please help: Good photos are needed of the RSD15s at:
  • California State Railroad Museum (ATSF 9820)
  • Utah State Railway Museum (Utah Railway 400)


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    Reference sources: Extra 2200 South (November / December 1969 issue) and The Diesel Shop website. Additional data provided by Chuck Schwesinger.

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