Alco Locomotive Marketing

Here is the place to view copies of actual Alco advertising and promotional literature, as related to the FA series. There are also a few sales brochures. Some of these vintage reference materials are more than 50-years-old.

The documents are in either a PDF or JPEG format. PDF-formatted documents will open full-size for viewing; however an Adobe Reader application will be needed to view them. When viewing JPEG documents, it will be necessary to utilize your browser's zoom-in/out feature to achieve a suitable size.

A special thank you goes to Ted Grumbine for envisioning this archive and converting many of the old records into PDF documents.

* * * Advertisements * * *

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Alco FA Advertisement

One-page color advertisement from Life Magazine (April 1946) introducing Alco's new "1500" series freight locomotive.

(R. Craig collection)

Alco FAs on the NH

Railway Age color center-spread (October 1948) advertisement showcasing Alco freight cabs on New Haven RR

(R. Craig collection)

Alco FPA4 Brochure

Four-page, 2-color brochure (1955) promoting Alco's 1800-hp Freight-Passenger locomotive. None were ever built at Alco's Schenectady plant.

(Bobb Losse, Sr. collection)

Alco 244 Engine Graphic

One-page cross-section view of Alco's revised V12-244 engine (1953)

(R. Craig collection)

Alco Trade-Ins

Railway Age b&w one-page (October 1964) advertisement explaining Alco's trade-in incentives and advantages

(R. Craig collection)

* * * Brochures * * *

Graphic Link Document Description

Alco FA Brochure (4/1946)

Four-page color brochure describing the features of Alco's new 1500-hp diesel freight locomotive

(R. Craig collection)

Alco FA Brochure (11/1946)

Mini brochure featuring a Howard Fogg painting of GM&O's new 4500-hp diesel freight locomotive set

(R. Craig collection)

Complete Line of New Diesel-Electric Locomotives (8/1946)

Sixteen-page multi-color brochure introducing Alco's new line of diesel-electric locomotives (Note how early sketches bore resemblance to Fairbanks Morse "Erie-builts," which GE also played a key role in designing. Relocation of grilled headlight to top of the Alco nose was a "master design stroke.")

(R. Craig collection)

An introduction to Alco's new Century 855 Locomotive (1964)

The C855 was the most powerful diesel-electric at the time. The front page provides an overview of the eight-axle model, with remaining pages highlighting the features of other four and six-axle models that comprise the new Century Series.

(Brian Skafica collection)

* * * Corporate Promotion * * *

Alco Locomotive Paintings

Famous railroad artist Howard Fogg was retained by Alco from 1950 to 1956. His work was distributed widely and used by industrial, financial and trade press. The paintings were also used as corporate gifts and produced as lithographic prints.

(R. Craig collection)

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