Amtrak Photo Gallery

Amtrak #301 wearing "Day One" scheme at Jackson, Michigan (R. Craig photo)

Locomotive Wraps & Service Corridor Schemes as of 1 November 2023

Siemen Chargers

"Day-One Scheme" at Jackson, MI on 27 October 2022 (R. Craig photo)

New-Look Scheme at Jackson, MI on 27 October 2022 (R. Craig photo)

National Network Scheme -near Bridge of the Gods, Oregon on 29 May 2023 (Greg Brown photo)

Amtrak Midwest #4628 at Durand, MI on 76 July 2019 (Ralph Wilson photo)

CalTrans #2102 at Roseville. CA on 5 November 2017 (Michael Scholz photo)

Washington DOT #1407 at Northridge, CA on 10 June 20217 (Charles Freericks photo)

Surfliner #2114 at San Clemente. CA on 20 Sept. 2023 (Craig Walker photo)

Siemen Sprinters

Siemen Sorinter at Ivy City, DC on 1 January 2015 (Craig Walker photo)

"Train Simulator 2" Wrap on 30 March 2021 (Jim Kleeman photo)

"Coca Cola" wrap on 26 November 2019 (Tim Darnell photo)

"Salute to Veterans" at Seabrook, MD on 26 September 2015

"King Tut" wrap at Harman, MD on 3 September 2022 (Bill Kalkman photo)

Amtrak "Harry Potter" wrap at Edison, New Jersey on 9 May 2023 (Rob Pisani photo)

GE P42s

"Operation Lifesaver" #203 at Ellerslie, MD on 28 March 2022 (Jim Kleeman photo)

"Pepsi Can" #160 at Rutherfords, WV in March 2022 (Bill Kalkman photo)

"50th Anniversary" #100 on 7 June 2021 (Mike Castellow photo)

"50th Anniversary" #108 at Port Royal, PA on 11 Oct. 2021 (Bill Kalkman photo)

Amtrak (phase 1) at Rock Island, Illinois on 21 July 2011 (R. Craig photo)

Amtrak (phase 2) at Mendota, Illinois on 28 March 2018 (Robby Gragg photo)

Amtrak (phase 3) at Los Angeles, CA on 20 Feb. 2011 (Charles Freericks photo)

Amtrak (phase 4) at Burbank, CA on 6 January 2012 (Charles Freericks photo)

"Century Express" at Springfield, Illinois during 2000 (Paul Rome photo)

"Salute to Veterans" at Spener, NC in July 2014 (R. Craig photo)

"Toyota" wrap at Joliet, Illinois on 20 March 2010 (Robby Gragg photo)

"Christmas Carol" at Los Angeles, CA on 24 May 2009 (Craig Walker photo)

Amtrak (phase 7) at CA22 on the CSX's Peninsula Sub is in Newport News, VA on 20 February 2024 ( Mike Castellow photo)

GE P32s (B32-8BWHs)

"Pepsi Can" #519 at Oceanside, CA on 17 April 1996 (R. Craig photo)

Standard-attired #505 at Cade, LA on 1 January 2010 (Leo W. Persick Jr. photo)

Amtrak #504 at Galesburg, Illinois on 10 Dec. 2008 (Larry Anglund photo / Marty Bernard collection)

Amtrak California at Emeryville, CA on 2 July 2010 (Adam Turner photo)


"Stay Alive" at Santa Ana, CA on 9 Nov, 2010 (Craig Walker photo)

"Be Track Smart" at San Diego, CA on 4 Dec. 2011 (Craig Walker photo)

"Pacific Surfliner" at Los Angeles, CA on 8 May 2010 (Craig Walker photo)

"King Tut" at Vancouver, WA on 2 September 2012 (Peter Bieber photo)

"Surfliner" at Suzana Pass, CA on 15 Jan. 2011 (Charles J. Freericks photo)

"Cascades" at Emeryville, CA on 30 June 2009 (Steven M. Welch photo)

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