Canadian Confederation Train

Photo courtesy of Canadian Railway Observations
The Confederation Train of 1967 was part of the Canadian Government's 12-month celebration of the country's Centennial Year. The train's primary mission was to highlight the history and culture of Canada from its founding in 1867 til present day. The touring train also helped promote the "World's Fair Exposition" in Montreal (known as "Man and His World," or more commonly Expo 67.)

The 13-car train, which was custom-painted, was powered by two FP9 cab units built by General Motors Diesel Division in London, Ontario. Canadian National and Canadian Pacific, the country's two major railroads each contributed a locomotive to lead the federation train. The public got its first close-up look at the train on January 9, 1967 at Victoria Island. Once back on the mainline, the centennial train visited another 80 major cities and towns before arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia late in October 1967. An additional four stops were made in Quebec before completing the tour which ended late December in Montreal.

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Confederation Train Close-up

William E. Miller photo (William D. Miller collection)
Federation Train Notes

Confederation Train Notes

  • Consist of 13 cars: Six exhibit and five support
  • Cars Supplied by: Canadian National & Canadian Pacific
  • Distance Traveled: 15,000+ miles
  • Cities visited: 80+
  • Visitors: 2.7 million people

Photo courtesy of Alberta Railway Museum
Locomotive #1867
  • Locomotive Model: FP9
  • Builder: GMDD of Canada
  • Serial Number (& Date): A595 (4/1954)
  • Original Owner: Canadian Pacific Railway #1411
Locomotive #1967
  • Locomotive Model: FP9
  • Builder: GMDD of Canada
  • Serial Number (& Date): A639 (12/1954)
  • Original Owner: Canadian National Railway #6509

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