First Class Hand-Me-Downs

Long-time friend Lloyd Judd was the only person that I personally knew who was a devout Fairbanks-Morse fan, and it didn't matter what type of FM locomotive. If it was driven by an opposed-piston prime mover, he was a fan. So you can imagine his delight in the Spring of 1969 when he encountered an FM Erie-build parked at the New York Central's West Detroit facilities. The thing that made it so special . . . the last of the FM Erie-builts had gone to the scrap yard a year earlier to ultimataely become automobile bumpers, frying pans, wheel barrows, etc. For him, it was probably like being reunited with a long-last friend. The RAMX unit had won a reprieve when purchased by Canada's Rail Maintenance Services. (By the way, would it not be ironic if the trucks from this ex-FM locomotive were the ones used to help restore Doyle McCormick's NKP PA1 #190. Still to be confirmed.)

Of the approximate 1350 locomotives that were once owned by Class 1 railroads (or their subsidiaries), less than two percent entered the used-locomotive market. FM's opposed-piston engine was most likely the reason - not because it was unreliable, but rather because it had many other applications. An attempt has been made here to identify FMs from class one railroads (and U.S. Army) that received a second chance in revenue service. (Lloyd Judd photo, R. Craig collection)

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Second-Hand Owners

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American Milling H12-44 #22

George Menge photo (R. Craig Collection

ACY H20-44 #506-508

Robert Farkas photo

Border Steel H12-44 #1776

Doug Kroll photo (permission ?)

C-HP H16-44 #526

Jim Herold photo (R. Craig collection)

C-HP H24-66 #534, 535

Ex-DLW photo (need)

Central Wisconsin H10-44 #767

Lance photo(permission ?)

W.R. Grace H15-44 #102

Ex-Monon (emd-ized) (Need)

Hallett H12-44 #D-11

Dan Mackkey photo

Locomotive Troubleshooting

John Regan photo (permission?)

Metal Processing H12-44 #100

Ed Gately photo

NC Ports Rwy H12-44 #1802

Doug Boyd photo (R. Craig collection)

Pac Trans Srv H10-44 #122

Keith Ardinger photo (R. Craig collection)

Pac Trans Srv H12-44 #121

Jonathan Fischer photo

PGE/BCL H10-44 #1004

S.L. Dixon photo (permission?)

Prec. Nat' H16-66 #1677

Jim Gavin photo

SLSF H10-44 #286

David Driver collection (permission ?)

SWPC H12-44 #115

Tom Sink photo (permission?)

Southwest Portland Cement #410

Craig Walker photo

SWPC H20-44 #409

Tim Fennell photo

South Central Tennessee H10-44

Jay Thomson photo (Robert Thomson Collection) (permission ?)

U.S. Army H10-44 #1843

R. Craig photo

U.S. Steel H12-44 #23-26

John Petro

Wisconsin Western H12-44 #1204

HardhatMAK photo

Yankeetown Dock H12-44

Robert Farkas photo


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Michael Richmond assisted in assembling these photos.

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