GE's 98-Ton Model "Y" Roster

New Haven #0903 at New Haven, CT in the Fall of 1953 
(Arthur E. Mitchell photo / courtesy of

BAR #34 at Northern Maine Jct, ME on 18 April 1964 
(Photo courtesy of Ken Houghton's Rail Images)

General Electric Company produced a 98-ton Model "Y" that also employed an off-center cab; it was somewhat reminiscent of an Alco RS1, but stubbier. GE teamed with frequent partner Ingersoll-Rand to build ten of the 600/660-hp locomotives; all of them were purchased by the New Haven railroad. The railroad's first diesel-driven locomotives, NH used the ten 98-tonners primarily in yard and short-haul transfer service. When it came time to retire the GE-IR locomotives, five of the model "Ys" were sold to the Bangor & Aroostook, where they carried road numbers 30-34; the others were shipped to National Metals and assumed scrapped.

Spotting Features:

The Model "Y" was easily discernable from other GE off-center cabs by their elongated car-body and shutterless long hoods; the radiator shutter / grille was located on the sides of the short hood.

Locomotive Specifications:

  • Horsepower: 600/ 660
  • Engine: IR / Cooper-Bessemer GN8
  • Total length: 41'-0"
  • Truck wheelbase: 8'-0"
  • Bolster center: 21'-0'
  • Wheel size: 33"
  • Fuel: 400 gal.

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Serial Number

Bld date

Unit Ownership (in order)
11771-11775 9-11/36 New Haven #0906-0910
Republic Steel #?
Retired & scrapped
11785-11789 9/36-1/37 New Haven #0901-0905
Bangor & Aroostook #30-34

Notes and Reference sources:
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  • The Diesel Spotters Guide by Jerry A. Pinkepank
  • Signal Station 199 website at
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