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Overview The Diesel Shop website could not exist without the locomotive data and news contributions made by more than 675 railfans, locomotive historians, and trackside observers. They are clearly the fuel that powers the website. And, I extend a sincere thank you to each of them.

Additionally, there are scores of print and electronic media that have made significant contributions to this website, both directly and indirectly. The Diesel Shop is made possible through their efforts. They are the ones that collect, assemble, author, and publish the important resources that drive the continued growth of the hobby and development of an ever expanding knowledge base. The list of important resources is endless; however, an attempt has been made to identify those sources that are more frequently employed. My thanks and appreciation goes out to each of them.

R. Craig Rutherford (The Diesel Shop Administrator)

  • A Centennial Remembrance: The American Locomotive Company (by Richard T. Steinbrenner)
  • Alco FA: Running in the Shadow (by R. Craig Rutherford)
  • American Shortline Railways Guide (by Edward A. Lewis)
  • Canadian Pacific (by Murray W. Dean and David B. Hanna)
  • Dawn of the Diesel Age (by John F. Kirkland)
  • Diesel Builders: Volumes I, II & III (by John F. Kirkland)
  • Diesel Demonstrators by Karl Erk (Edited by JC Smith and John Scala).
  • Diesel Locomotive Rosters: Editions 2 & 3 - (by Charles W. McDonald)
  • Diesels from Eddystone (by Gary W. and Stephen F. Dolzall)
  • Diesels of the Southern Railway (by Paul K. Withers)
  • Diesels of the Union Pacific: 1934 to 1982 (by Don Strack)
  • Diesel Spotters Guide (I, II & Contemporary)
  • Erie-Builts (by David R. Sweetland)
  • Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives (by Jim Boyd)
  • Great Northern (by Joseph W. Shine)
  • The Little Jewel: Soo (by Wallace W. Abbey)
  • Locomotive Encyclopedia 1952 & 1956 (by Simmons-Boardman Publishing staff)
  • Locomotives of the Rio Grande by Colorado Railroad Museum
  • Louisville & Nashville Power (by Charles B. Castner, Ron Flanary & Lee Gordon)
  • The Milwaukee Road by Frederick W. Hyde
  • Milwaukee Road Under Wire (by Karl R. Zimmerman)
  • Missouri Pacific Locomotives (by Kevin EuDaly)
  • New York Central Diesel Locomotives (by William D. Edson, H.L. Vail, Jr & C.M. Smith)
  • Northern Pacific Diesel Era (by Lorenz Schrenk and Robert L. Frey)
  • Our GM Scrapbook (by Kalmbach)
  • PA's: Alcos Glamour Girl (by: Andy Romano)
  • Passenger Alcos (by Jim Boyd)
  • Pennsy Power II Alvin F. Staufer and Bert Pennyback
  • The Revolutionary Diesel: EMC's FT (by Diesel Era)
  • The Santa Fe Diesel-Vol. 1 & 2 (by Dr. Cinthia Priest)
  • The S00 Line (by Robert J. Wise)
  • Southern Paciic Review 1980 and 1952 to 1982 (by Joseph A. Strapac)
  • Turbines Westward (by Thomas R. Lee)
  • U-Boats (by Greg McDonnell)
  • Union Pacific Motive Power Review 1968-1977 by F. Hol Wangeer & James Watson
  • Western Pacific Diesel Years (by Joseph A. Strapac)
Magazine and Newsletters
  • Extra 2200 South Locomotive Newsletter (Issues 1 to 121)
  • Diesel Era Magazine
  • Locomotive Magazine (2010 to 2018 Annuals)
  • Railfan & Railroad Magazine
  • Railway Age
  • The Railroad Press (TRP)
  • Trains Magazine (various issues from March 1960 to present)
Internet Websites & Forums
  • ALCOdiesel (forum)
  • Alcos International
  • Alco Notes (an E-zine)
  • Alco World
  • Andres' GM Locomotive Serial Numbers (website)
  • Baldwin Zone (Tim Darnell)
  • Canadian Railway Observations (an E-zine)
  • Canadian Science & Technology Museum
  • Don's Depot (Don Ross' website)
  • EMD Order Numbers (
  • GodFatherRails (website)
  • Larry Russell's GM Export Locomotives (website)
  • LocoNotes (forum)
  • Railroad Pictures Net (website)
  • RR Pictures Archive Net (website)
  • Short Line Rosters (CT to WV) by Richard Adams
  • Train (forum)
  • UtahRails (Don Strack's Website)
  • Wikipedia (used to research historical and background info on railroads)

There are more than 600 Locomotive Builder and Railroad rosters maintained at The Diesel Shop website; information from that base of data is used extensively to develop new roster and summary listings, as well as expand and correct existing rosters.

If you have a motive power question or are searching for specific information, it can be listed in the "Did You Ever Wonder?" section.

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