Saluting The Military

Revised: 6 June 2024 Ron Thur photo at Holly Hill, Florida on 21 April 2024

Class One Railroads

Amtrak #42 "Supporting Our Troops"

R. Craig photo

Amtrak #642 "Supporting Our Troops"

George Hamlin photo

Amtrak #90208 "Supporting Our Troops"

Craig Walker photo

BN #1991: Pulling for Freedom

Geoff Elliott photo

Honoring WWII Veterans

Tim Stevens photo

Honoring Canadian Army

Tim Stevens photo)

Honoring Canadian Army Arid Region

Tim Stevens photo

Honoring Canadian Navy

Tim Stevens photo

Honoring Canadian Air Force

Tim Stevens photo

CP "Strathcona's Horse"

Colin Arnot photo

CR #6707 "Yellow Ribbon"

R. Craig photo

CSX "Spirit Our of Armed Forces"

Allan Williams, Jr. photo

KCS #4006: Honoring U.S. Military Veterans

Michael Richmond photo

NS #6920: Veterans

Casey Thomason photo

UP #1943: Spirit of the Union Pacific

J.R. Leal photo

UP #3593: Desert Storm

John Eagan photo

Regional & Short Line Railroads

DVVR #1823 Honoring Our New Jersey Veterans

Michael Sullivan photo

GSMR #1009: Support Our Troops

Casey Thomason photo

INRD #4005: In Honor of Our Veterans

Jim Pearson photo

JBCX #3030

In Honor of Veterans

Tyler Guthrie photo

LSRC #6302: We Honor Our Veteranss

Ralph Watkins photo

LOIN #3001/3002: Honoring Our Troops

Tyler Guthrie photo

MRHA #4079: We Suppoet Our Armed Forces

Zach Pumphery

MRL #4407: Salute to Our Veterans

Trevor Hawkins photo

IHB: Salutes Our Troops

Joe Ferguson


Lease & Rail Service Companies

Savage Services #8628 "Salutes Our Veterans"

Chris Auman photo

It should be noted: For the past three years running, Savage has the distinction of being a "Military Friendly Employer."

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