Peabody Coal: "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor . . . . "

A scan of the pre-1980 roster of industry giant Peabody Coal reveals that it had relied purely on first-generation power to move coal and generate revenues. In fact, you'll have to look real hard to find anything resembling an EMD with a turbocharged 567 /645 engine or GE U-boat. It was clear that first-generation power was the norm, and all of the key locomotive builders of that time period were represented.

Located principally in the southern regions of Indiana and Illinois as well as Kentucky, there possibly was not a more eclectic roster to be found - especially on a per capita basis. Other than a few Geep and SD7/9s, EMD-built units were in the minority. With few exceptions, Peabody made a practice of acquiring other railroad's cast-offs ands mavericks - and most importantly, the strategy was successful.

The Joe Brockmeyer photo shows PCC #343 south of Lynnville, Indiana on 7 August 1973. (R. Craig collection)

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Peabody Coal's Mavericks

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80-tonner #5

Robert Farkas photo

Lima 750SW #24 & 23

Joe Brockmeyer photo

DT66-2000 #50

A.J. Reinschmidt photo

RS3 #230

Robert Farkas photo

H12-44 #274

Robert Farkas photo

RS3 #467

Dave Hammley photo (Kim Piersol collection)

SW1 #470

Rick Morgan photo

SW8 #801

Rick Morgan photo

Whit 44-Tonner #805

Rick Morgan photo

RS27 #900

A.J. Reinschmidt photo (R. Craig Collection)

DRS66-1500 #1025

Joe Brockmeyer photo

RS2 #1503

Robert Farkas photo

AS416 #1616

Robert Farkas photo)

AS16 #2234

RR "Dick" Wallin photo

RSD15 #9843

Jim Gavin photo


Joe Brockmeyer photo


Format by: R.Craig New: 1 June 2018
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