Railroad Document Archive

The RAILROAD DOCUMENT ARCHIVE is a place where researchers and historians can view copies of actual railroad documents. These vintage reference materials, some of which are more than 50-years-old, are separated into four distinct sections:
  • Advertisements - Locomotive builder and railroad advertisements
  • Sales Materials - Brochures, catalogs and product literature
  • Official Rosters - Locomotive rosters and equipment summaries issued by Class 1 railroads
  • Technical Data - Specification booklets and owner manual chapters (if the demand warrants)

The documents presented here are in either a PDF or JPEG format. PDF-formatted documents will open full-size for viewing; however an Adobe Reader application will be needed to view them. When viewing JPEG documents, it will be necessary to utilize your browser's zoom-in/out feature to achieve a suitable size.

A special thank you goes to Ted Grumbine for envisioning and helping develop the Railroad Documents Archive.

Your comments and suggestions are solicited. If you are contemplating contributing a document(s), electronic formats only please. We are not equipped to handle and store original materials.


Sales Literature

Official Rosters

Technical Data

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