Rock Island's Bankruptcy Blues

Rock Island's "Bankruptcy Blue" appeared for the first time on Rock locomotives in 1975. It was distinctive to the say the very least, and the name has stuck now for more than four decades. Freshly rebuilt GP7 4508 was reportedly the first to showcase the railroad's new blue and white image. The geep was one of 100+ GP7s and GP9s (including GP18Ms) that were rebuilt as part the Rock's Capital Rebuild Program (CRP). The work was completed at RI (Silvis), IC (Paducah) and MK (Boise). The rebuild program also entailed the upgrade of the GP40s to GP40-2s. In addition to CRP units, when RI locos entered the shops for heavy repairs, they too often exited wearing the corporation's bright new colors. It should be noted the fresh image was not limited only to road power; several yard engines also benefitted from their visit to paint shop. (Photo: GP7R #4506 poses for photographs at Illinois Railway Museum on 24 June 2018 -- Rob Schreiner photographer)

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The Blue Fleet

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U25B 234

Don Marson photo

U28B 268

Kenneth Young photo

Road slug 284

Kim Piersol photo

U33B 298

Dan Tracy photo

GP40 373

Pete Piszczek photo

E8A 652

Dan Tracy photo

SW8 830

Paul De Luca photo

SW1500 940

Dan Tracy photo

Yard slug 999

Paul De Luca photo

GP7 1504

Charles Stookey photo

GP40 3001

Kim Piersol photo

GP38-2 4315

Dan Tracy photo

GP38-2 4370

Bill Johnson photo

GP9R/GP7 4421

Rick Morgan photo

GP7R 4508

Kim Piersol photo

GP40-2 4710

Jack Kuiphoff photo




Format by: R.Craig New: 1 March 2018
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