EMD F-Unit Survivors
Roster by: John Komanesky Photo by: Dick Williams
Revised: 12 Dec. 2015 -

* * * EMD & GMDD Built * * *

Model Preserved As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
FT-A Electro-Motive Division 103 demonstrator (Same) National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis
FT-B EMD 103 demonstrator Southern 4103C Virginia Museum of Transportation
FT-A Sonora - Baja California 2203A Northern Pacific 5401D Puebla Museum (Mexico City)
FT-B Sou 960603 Southern 4100C Museum of Transportation (St. Louis)
FT- B Sou 960604 Southern 4103B Southeastern Railway Museum
F3B Santa FE 347B ATSF 35A CA State RR Museum, SAcremento
F3A Canadian National 9000 (Same) Alberta Railway Museum
F3Au Canadian National 9171 GTW 9013 Canadian Railway Museum
F3A Central of New Jersey 56 Bangor & Aroostok 506 Anthracite RR Historical Society
F3A Central of New Jersey 57 Bangor & Aroostok 504 Tri-State Chapter, NRHS
F3B(F7B) Central of New Jersey D Boston & Maine 4268B Anthracite RR Historical Society
F3Au Chesapeake & Ohio 8016 Clinchfield 800 In service on the South Valley Rr, operating on the Potomac Eagle
F3B GN 16 Great Northern 306B (458B) Minnesota Transportation Museum (Jackson St. Roundhouse)
F3A Missouri Kansas Texas 401 MKT 66C Red River Museum (Denison, TX)
F3Au (FP10) Seaboard Air Line 4033 Gulf Mobile & Ohio 800A Gulf Coast RR Museum
F7A Alaska RR 1500 (Same) Alaska Museum of Transportation
F7A Adirondack Scenic RR 1508 Alaska 1508 Privately owned (leased to Adirondack Scenic RR)
F7A Adirondack Scenic 1500 Bessemer & Lake Erie 720A Adirondack Scenic RR
F7A Santa Fe 347C ATSF 39C CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
F7B Bessemer & Lake Erie 716B B&LE 716B Stored on NWP (Schellville, CA)
F7A Bessemer & Lake Erie 718A B&LE 718A Stored on NWP (Schellville, CA)
F7A Bessemer & Lake Erie 719A (Same) Tennessee Central Railway Museum
F7A Bessemer & Lake Erie 725 B&LE 725A Stored on ABRX (Lansing, MI)**
F7A Boston & Maine 4265A (Same) Gotham Historical Society
F7A Boston & Maine 4266A and 4268A (Same) 470 Railroad Club
F7B BC Rail RCC10 Great Northern 455B Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum
F7A (GMDD) Canadian National 9161 CN 9142 Manitoba Children's Museum
F7A (GMDD) Canadian National 9169 CN 9042 Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum
F7B (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 1901 CN 6612 Canadian Museum of Rail Travel
F7B (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 4459 (Same) West Coast Railway Association
F7A Carrizo Gorge Rwy 100 and 102 Bessemer & Lake Erie 723A and 724A Carrizo Gorge Rwy (Campo, CA)
F7B Carrizo Gorge Rwy 101 Bessemer & Lake Erie 723B Carrizo Gorge Rwy (Campo, CA)
F7A Chicago & Northwestern 411 C&NW 4082C Illinois Railway Museum
F7B Clinchfield 852 (Same) Tennessee Valley Museum
F7A Gettysburg & Northern 402 Chicago & North Western 4086A Owned by PREX
F7A Grafton & Upton 1501 Bessemer & Lake Erie 720A Recently acquired by G&U
F7A Great Northern 274B (Same) Privately owned (Portland, OR)
F7A Great Northern 364A Wabash 1950 Central States Rail Associates (Columbia Star Dinner Train)
F7A Great Northern 454A (Same) Minnesota Transportation Museum
F7A Great Northern 464A Wabash 1951 Central States Rail Associates (Columbia Star Dinner Train)
F7A Kiamichi SL1 Kansas City Southern 70A Choctaw County Historical Society
F7A Kansas City Southern 73D (Same) On Display (Decatur, Arkansas)
F7A LV 576 & 578 C&NW 4073C & 4087C United RR Historical Society
F7A Metra 308 C&NW 4083C Illinois Railway Museum
F7B Milwaukee Road 71B (Same) Lake Superior RR Museum
F7B Milwaukee Road 96B (Same) Illinois Railway Museum
F7A Milwaukee Road 118C (Same) Illinois Railway Museum
F7A Minnesota Zephyr 787 and 788 SP&S 804 and C&NW 4082A Minnesota Zephyr
F7A Monon 83A Milwaukee 110C Indiana Transportation Museum
FA Mt. Newman Mining 5450 and 5451 Western Pacific 917A and 923A Pilbara Historical Society (Australia)
F7A Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis 814 (Same) Tennessee Valley Museum
F7B Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis 919 (Same) Tennessee Valley Museum
F7A New Jersey Transit 418 & 424 C&NW 4073A & 4074A United RR Historical Society
EMD New York Ontario & Western 728 Bessemer & Lake Erie 728 Southern Rwy of New Jersey
F7A Northern Pacific 6014D (Same) Privately Owned
F7A Ohio Central 1000 and 1001 MIlwaukee 81A and 81C In Service - Morgans Run, OH
F7A Potomac Eagle 722 Bessemer & Lake Erie 722A In Service - South Branch Valley RR (WV)
F7A Sonora Baja - California 2201 (Same) Yucatan RR Museum
F7A Southern Pacific 6378 & 6380 (Same) Golden Gate RR Museum, California
F7A/B Southern Pacific 6402 and 6151 (Same) California State RR Museum (Sacremento)
F7B SP MoW 8205-06 TN&O 544 & 541 UPRR
F7B SP MoW 8207-09 SP 8299, 8091, 8103 UPRR
F7B SP MoW 8210 TN&O 545 UPRR
F7B SP MoW 8211, 8221-22 SP 8292, 8300, 8088 UPRR
F7A Texas Ltd. 100 & 200 Southern Pacific 6379 & 6309 Center for Transportation & Commerce (Galveston, TX)
F7A (GMDD) Wabash 671 Wabash 1176 Mad River & NKP Museum
F7A (GMDD) Wab 1189 (Same) Monticello Railway Museum
F7A Western Maryland 236 (Same) B&O RR Museum (Baltimore, MD)
F7B West Virginia Central 415 Clinchfield #869 West Virginia Central
F7A Western Pacific 917D (Same) Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola
F7A Western Pacific 918D (Same) Pacific Locomotive Association (Niles Canyon Railway)
F7A Western Pacific 921D (Same) Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola
F7A Western Pacific 913 (Same) CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
F7Bu (GMDD) WP 925C Canadian National 9039 Portola RR Museum, California
F7A Great Northern 423 Chicago & Northwestern 4076A Wisconsin Great Northern
F7Bu (GMDD) WP 925C Canadian National 9039 Portola RR Museum, California
FP7 (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 1409 (Same) Canadian Museum of Rail Travel
FP7 (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 1418 and 1424 (Same) On display - City of Medicine Hat, Alberta
FP7 (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 4038 (Same) On display - Minnedosa, Manitoba
FP7 (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 4069 (Same) West Coast Railway Association
FP7 (GMDD) Canadian Pacific 4103 (Same) West Coast Railway Association
FP7 Chicago Great Western 116A (Same) Hub City Heritage Corporation (Oelwein, IA)
FP7 RJ Corman 1940 and 1941 Southern Railway 6141 and 6138 RJ Corman Dinner Train
FP7 DL&W 637 Milwaukee Road 97C Central New York NRSHS
FP7 GO Transit 904 Ontario Northland 1513 Gold Coast RR Museum
FP7 Milwaukee Road 101A (Same) On display - Cresco, Iowa
FP7 Milwaukee Road 104C (Same) Illinois Railway Museum
FP7 Milwaukee Road 109A (Same) Midwest Hiawatha Lounge
FP7 Monon 96 Milwaukee Road 96C Indiana Transportation Museum
FP7 (GMDD) Ontario Northland 1501 (Same) On Display North Bay, Ontario
FP7 Reading 900 (Same) Reading Co. Technical & Historical Society
FP7 Reading 902 (Same) Lancaster Chapter, NRHS
FP7 Reading 903 (Same) Philadelphia Chapter, NRHS
FP7 SOO 500A EMD Demo 9051 On display - Ladysmith
FP7 SOO 2500A EMD Demo 7001 Lake Superior RR Museum
FP7 Southern Rwy 6133 (Same) North Carolina Transportation Museum
FP7 South Dakota Central 103C Milwaukee 103C Stored, in sad condition - Murdo, SD
FP7 Stone Mountain RR 3499 and 6143 Southern 6147 & 6143 Georgia, State of
FP7 Verde Canyon 1510 & 1512 Alaska RR (same #) Verde Canyon Rwy (Clarksdale, AZ)
FP7 Western Pacific 805A WP (Zephyr) 805A Feather River RR Soc.
FP7 West Virgina Central 67 Clinchfield 200 West Virginia Central
F9PH Branson Scenic 98 Baltimore & Ohio F7A 4566 (367) Branson, Missouri
F9Au Burlington Northern BN-1 Northern Pacific 6700A Illinois Railway Museum
F9Bu Burlington Northern BN-2 Northern Pacific 7002C Illinois Railway Museum
F9A Denver & Rio Grande Western 5771 (Same) Colorado Rail Museum
F9B Denver & Rio Grande Western 5762 D&RGW 5753 Colorado Rail Museum
F9A Erie Mining 4211 (Same) Lake Superior RR Museum
F9A Nacionales de Mexico 7009 (Same) Privately Owned (Mexico City)
F9A Nacionales de Mexico 7020 (Same) Puebla Museum (Mexico)
F9A Northern Pacific 6703 NP 7010D Inland Empire Railway Museum
F9A Northern Pacific 7012-A (Same) Mt. Rainier Scenic RR
F9PH Santa Cruz & Monterey 1100 Baltimore & Ohio F7A 939 Owned by Iowa Pacific Holding
F9PH Santa Cruz & Monterey 1101 Baltimore & Ohio F3A 165 Owned by Iowa Pacific Holding
F9A St. Louis-San Frisco (SLSF) 814 Northern Pacific 7003-D Oklahoma Railroad Museum RR
F9B (GMDD) Canadian National 6614 (Same) Alberta Railway Museum (Edmonton)
F9B (GMDD) Keokuk Junction 1760 Canadian National 6613 Owned by PREX
F9A vermillion Valley #? Erie Mining 4210 Recently purchased
F9A Vermillion Valley #? Erie Mining 4214 Recently purchased
FL9 CDOT/NH 2057 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2023 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, NRHS
FL9 Metro North 2021 NYNH&H 2054 On display, Westchester Medical Center (New York)
FL9 CDOT 2002 & 2019 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2005 & 2049 RR Museum of New England (new owner)
FL9 Maine Eastern 489 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2021 Active: Maine Eastern RR
FL9 New Haven 2006 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2026 Danbury Railway Museum (Connecticut)
FL9 Metro North New Haven (NYNH&H) 2059 Railroad Museum of New England (*last F-unit built)
FL9 New York Central 2013 NYNH&H 2040 Danbury Railway Museum (Connecticut)
FP9 (GMDD) Boone & Scenic Valley RR 6540 Canadian National 6540 Boone & Scenic Valley RR
FP9 (GMDD) Canadian National 6514 (Same) Alberta Railway Museum (Edmonton)
FP9 (GMDD) Canadian National 6520 (Same) West Coast Railway Heritage Park Museum . . . (Squamish) . . . Plans are to fully restore the unit to original C.N. color scheme
FP9 (GMDD) Gettysburg & Northern 1755 Canadian National 6531 Owned by PREX
FP9 (GMDD) Keokuk Junction 1750 Canadian National 6502 Owned by PREX
FP9 (GMDD) Keokuk Junction 1752 Canadian National 6511 Owned by PREX
FP9 (GMDD) Ontario Southland 1400 Canadian National 6539 --
FP9 (GMDD) Ontario Southland 1401 Canadian National 6523 --
FP9 (GMDD) Ontario Southland 6508 Canadian National 6508 --
FP9 (GMDD) Pan AM Rwy 1 Canadian National 6505 Often assigned to Pan Am business train
FP9 (GMDD) Pan Am 2 Canadian National 6516 Often assigned to Pan Am business train
FP9u (GMDD) Southern Pacific (MRLX) 6304 Canadian National 6304 Washington & Idaho Rwy (loco leased from Mid-American Rail)
FP9u (GMDD) VIA 6309 Canadian National 6521 Canadian Railway Museum (Delson, Que.)
FP9 (GMDD) VIA 6510 Canadian National 6510 On display - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Second Generation "F" series
F40PH (No road name) 231 Amtrak 231 Friends of 4449 (Oregon)
F40PHR Amtrak 281 (Same) Califoria State Railway Museum
F40PH Amtrak 307 (Same) North Carolina Transportation Museum
F45 MRL 390 Montana Rail Link Privately owned
FP45 Santa Fe 90 ATSF 100 Oklahoma RR Museum
FP45 Santa Fe 92 Santa Fe 102 Illinois Railway Museum
FP45 Santa Fe 93 Santa Fe 103 Great Plains Transportation Museum
FP45 Santa Fe 95 Santa Fe 105 Western America RR Museum
FP45 Santa Fe 97 Santa Fe 107 Age of Steam Museum
FP45 Santa Fe 98 ATSF 108 Orange Empire Rwy Museum

** Reports indicate railfans are NOT welcomed, keep of property

Much of the data for this roster provided by John Komanesky. Additional information from: Tim Darnell, Dave Bier, Rich Cizik, Sam Dillon, James Duff, Jonathan Gradin, Mark Holderbaum, Eric D. Hopp, Evan Kamp, Craig Lacey, Matt Lawson, Bill Mahan, Wayne Merlo, Peter Nicholson, Brian Pepper, Al Shumard, and Carl Weber.

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