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Will The REAL D&RGW 3075 Come Forward?

Among some locomotive followers, there seems to be a debate
as to the true heritage of newly painted NREX 3075 seen here 
in New Haven, Indiana on August 5, 2006. Early reports said    
the unit was ex-Denver & Rio Grande Western GP40 after being    
being rebuilt to GP38-2 specifications.   (Photograph by:  
Alan Gaines)

NREX Rainbow Fleet Grows

In contrast to the their younger SD40-2 cousins, EMD SD50s were 
not popular among railroad personnel. Thus, it is not surprising
to see that Ex-NS/Conrail #5453 is among the many SD50 cast-offs 
that the NRE has acquired.   (Photograph by:  Peter Bieber)

Rare SD45-2Bs Find Way to NREX

EMD in 1987 delivered to the Santa Fe eight six-axle 3600-hp  
cabless locomotives which carried road numbers 5510-5517. The  
builder classified the six-motor units as SD45-2Bs. Upon merger
with the BN, the elongated roadswitchers were reassigned to the 
7500 series.         (Photograph by:  James Sturtz)

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