EMD Passenger Cab Survivors
Reformatted: 11 November 2020 Photograph by: Ed Weisensel
Roster by John Komanesky -
Model Survives As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
Gas-Electric Rail Car ATSF M.177 ATSF M.177 (B/N ?? 1928); Travel Town Museum
Montana Western 31 Great Northern 2313 (B/N 130 1925); Mid-Continent Railway Museum (in North Freedom, WI). This unit is on the registry of National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks
AA CB&Q 9900 "Pioneer Zephyr" Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9900 Museum of Science & Industry (Chicago, IL)
CB&Q 9908 "Silver Charger" Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9908 National Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
Passenger Box Cab Baltimore & Ohio 50 B&O National Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
EA B&O 51 Baltimore & Ohio 51 B&O RR Museum (Baltimore, MD)
LWT-12 Aerotrain Rock Island 2 EMD demo 1001 National Railway Museum(Green Bay, WI)
Rock Island 3 EMD demo 1000 National Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
First Generation Passenger Cabs
E3A ACL 501 Atlantic Coast Line 501 North Carolina Transportation Museum
E5A CB&Q 9911A Chic. Burlington & Quincy 9911A Illinois Railway Museum
E6A L&N 770 Louisville & Nashville 770 Kentucky RR Museum
Rock Island 630 Chicago Rock Island & pacific 630 Manly (Iowa) RR Museum
E7A PRR 5901 Pennsylvania 5901 Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
E8A B&O 92 Baltimore & Ohio 92 B&O RR Museum (Maryland)
Canadian National 102 Ex-CB&Q 9940A Active Service
Chicago Burlington & Quicny 9939A CB&Q 9939A Museum of Transportation (St. Louis)
DL&W 807 Pennsylvania 5761A Central New York Chapter, NRHS
DL&W 808 Pennsylvania 5702A Central New York Chapter, NRHS
Erie 833 Erie 833 Ex-Conrail 4022; owned by the New York & Greenwood Lake RR . . . . (on display Pt. Jervis, NJ)
Erie 834 & 835 NYC 4076 & PRR 5788A United Railway Historical Society
Florida East Coast 1594 Pennsylvania 5794 Gold Coast RR Museum
Illinois Central 100 & 101 Ex-CB&Q 9938A & 9977A Up for auction by CN
-- Illinois Central 4023 & 4032 Minerava, OH
Iowa Pacific 515 Chicago & North Western 5029B Iowa Pacific Holdings
Lorain & West Virginia 801 Chicago & Northwestern 5021-B Lake Shore Railway Association
Louisvile & Nashville 796 Chicago & Northwestern 5028A Bowlimg Green Kentucky
MARC 66 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ? Museum of Transportation (in St. Louis)
METRA 518 Chicago & North Western 5030A (See Note 1)
NJ Transit 4326 & 4253 NYC 4083 & PRR 5798A United Railway Historical Society
New York Central 4064 NYC 4064 Tennessee Central Railway Museum
New York Central 4068 NYC 4068 Medina RR Museum, assigned to service on GVT
New York Central 4080 NYC 4080 Medina RR Museum, assigned to service on GVT
New York Central 4085 NYC 4085 National NYC RR Museum
Milwaukee 35A Pennsylvania RR 5896 On display (Madison, WI)
Pennsylvania RR 5706A PRR 5706A On display - Sumiton, AL
Pennsylvania RR 5898 PRR 5898A St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern
RF&P 1002 Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 1002 Roanoke Chapter of NRHS
Rock Island 652 Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 652 Manly (Iowa) RR Museum
Sou 6900 Southern Rwy 6900 North Carolina Transportation Museum
Sou 6901 Southern Rwy 6901 Southeastern Railway Museum
Southern Rwy 6914 Sou 6914 Tennessee Valley Museum
Tennessee Central 5764 Pennsylvania 5764 Unit is being redone as #Illinois Central 4064 at Monticello Railway Museum (Illlinois)
TCRX 6902 New Georgia 6902 Tennessee Central Railway Museum; unit is ex NJY, nee NYC
UP 928 Union Pacific 928 Retired & stored
UP 942 Union Pacific 942 Orange Empire Railway Museum
Wab 1009 Wabash 1009 Virginia Museum of Transportation
E9A / E9B Baltimore & Ohio 36 B & O 36 Juniata Terminal
Burlington Northern BN-3 CB&Q 9989A Illinois Railway Museum
Canadian National 104 Ex-CB&Q 9986A Active Service
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9913 CB&Q 9989 Gold Coast RR Museum
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9990 CB&Q 9990 On display - Keller, TX
Iowa Pacific Holding Ex-CB&Q 9938A & 9977A In Service; Illinios Central colors ??
Michigan Northern 671 Union Pacific 967B E9B, Illinois Railway Museum
Milw 33C & 37A Milwaukee Road 33C & 37A Illinois Railway Museum
Milw 38A Milwaukee Road 38A National RR Museum, Green Bay, WI
NYC 4096 Union Pacific 912A Danbury Rwy Museum, Connecticut
Southern Pacific 6051 SP 6051 California State RR Museum
Union Pacific 949 UP 949 UP Heritage Collection
Union Pacific 951 UP 951 UP Heritage Collection
Union Pacific 963-B UP 970-B UP Heritage Collection
Union Pacific 966 UP 966-B E9B, Stored; still wears Amtrak colors, but stenciled UP 966B
Wisconsin & Southern 101 Milw Road 202A Active Service
Wisconsin & Southern 103 UP 957 Active Service
Wisconsin & Southern 102 UP 967-B E9B, Active Service

FL9 (EMD) NH 2031 ADIX 2007 Adirondak Scenic Railroad (NY)
CDOT/NH 2057 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2023 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, NRHS
Metro North 2021 NYNH&H 2054 On display, Westchester Medical Center (New York)
CDOT 2002 & 2019 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2005 & 2049 RR Museum of New England (new owner)
Maine Eastern 489 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2021 Active: Maine Eastern RR
New Haven 2006 New Haven (NYNH&H) 2026 Danbury Railway Museum (Connecticut)
Metro North New Haven (NYNH&H) 2059 Railroad Museum of New England (*last F-unit built)
New York Central 2013 NYNH&H 2040 Danbury Railway Museum (Connecticut)
Second Generation "F" series
F40PH (EMD) Dynamic Rail Preservation 231 Amtrak 231 Friends of 4449 (Oregon)
Amtrak 281 (Same) Califoria State Railway Museum
Amtrak 307 (Same) North Carolina Transportation Museum

FP45 / F45 (EMD) MRL 390 (F45) Montana Rail Link Privately owned
Santa Fe 90 ATSF 100 Oklahoma RR Museum
Santa Fe 92 Santa Fe 102 Illinois Railway Museum
Santa Fe 93 Santa Fe 103 Great Plains Transportation Museum
Santa Fe 95 Santa Fe 105 Western America RR Museum
Santa Fe 97 Santa Fe 107 Age of Steam Museum
Santa Fe 98 ATSF 108 Orange Empire Rwy Museum
SDP40F Amtrak 644 Dynamic Rail Preservation 644 SDP40F (private owner); Ogden Union Station
Note 1 - This locomotive may be attired in Illinois Central brown and orange colors. Status and ownership confirmation needed.

Much of the data for this roster provided by John Komanesky. Additional information from Dylan Cantrell, Brian Crosier, Tim Darnell, Eric D. Hopp, Jack Franklin, Ron Goldfeder, Charles Heraver, Greg Jeanes, John Kilbride, Derek Kouzmanoff, Peter Nicholson, James Steir and Ed Weisensel.

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