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Pennsy U25B #2530 with PRR symbol ED-3 (Enola-Detroit) enters Lincoln Park outside Detroit on 3 March 1965.

This month's Diesel Shop includes several substantial new files and document updates. First off, there is Part 3 of the multi-segment photo essay outlining Canadian Pacific's locomotive leasing practices during the past five decades. Try this link; it leads directly to CPR Leasing Tendencies 1971 to 1974.

June 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Hurricane Agnes, the most devastating storm to hit the northeastern U.S. during the 20th century. Agnes's impact was felt for years afterward, and changed the face of railroading in that region. Erie Lackawanna was one of the railroads that felt the storm's rath. Faced with scores of right-of-way washouts, the EL re-routed traffic through Canada on both CN and CP. Profiled this month are EL Detoured Trains over the Canadian Pacific.

Five months ago, The Diesel Shop began a series on electric locomotives; it continues during December with a close-up look at other builders of electric freight motors beyond just those of the Baldwin-Westinghouse and General Electric-Alco teams. Here is link to Other Steeple Cab Electric builders

Last month, this website acknowledged Amtrak's 50th anniversary with a brief review of early Amtrak power and trains. Thanks to Ralph Back that profile has been expanded to include several other Early Amtrak Trains.

Lastly, a comprehensive Pennsylvania roster by Tom Berry has been added, along with a Pennsy Locomotive Census.

Please remember to stay safe when trackside!

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