Unique EMD Survivors

Revised: 4 September 2020

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Roster by John Komanesky
Model Survives As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
Gas-Electric Rail Car ATSF M.177 ATSF M.177 (B/N ?? 1928); Travel Town Museum
Montana Western 31 Great Northern 2313 (B/N 130 1925); Mid-Continent Railway Museum (in North Freedom, WI). This unit is on the registry of National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks
AA CB&Q 9900 "Pioneer Zephyr" Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9900 Museum of Science & Industry (Chicago, IL)
CB&Q 9908 "Silver Charger" Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9908 National Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
Passenger Box Cab Baltimore & Ohio 50 B&O National Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
EA B&O 51 Baltimore & Ohio 51 B&O RR Museum (Baltimore, MD)
GMDH3 EMD/DD Experiment EMD -- Hydraulic locomotive; Michigan Southern Railroad Museum (Clinton)
LWT-12 Aerotrain Rock Island 2 EMD demo 1001 National Railway Museum(Green Bay, WI)
Rock Island 3 EMD demo 1000 National Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
DDA40X Union Pacific 6900 UP 6900 Durham Western Transportation Museum
Union Pacific 6901 UP 6901 On display - Pocatello, ID
Union Pacific 6911 UP 6911 Museum of Technology (Mexico City)
Union Pacific 6913 UP 6913 Age of Steam Museum
Union Pacific 6915 UP 6915 On display - Pomona, CA
Union Pacific 6916 UP 6916 Ogden Union Station Museum
Union Pacific 6922 UP 6922 On display - North Platte, NE
Union Pacific 6930 UP 6930 Illinois Railway Museum
Union Pacific 6936 UP 6936 UP Heritage Collection; active service
Union Pacific 6938 UP 6938 On display -- North Little Rock, AR
Union Pacific 6944 UP 6944 National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis
Union Pacific 6946 UP 6946 Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola

Much of the data for this roster provided by John Komanesky. Additional information from Dylan Cantrell, Brian Crosier, Tim Darnell, Eric D. Hopp, Jack Franklin, Ron Goldfeder, Charles Heraver, Greg Jeanes, John Kilbride, Derek Kouzmanoff, Peter Nicholson, James Steir and Ed Weisensel.

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