The Diesel Shop's 25th Year

Serving The Railfan Community (1994-2019)

Red River Valley & Western GP15C #4103 basks in the sun at Breckenridge, Minnesota on 15 September 2015. Tom Seiler photo

Greetings! Our 25th Anniversary celebration will brake to a stop at the end of this month. Consequently, the final 25th Anniversary locomotive photo has been uploaded and currently appears on the "front cover" of the website.

In the months to come, there will be an on-going effort to continue the development of brief photo essays for the "Remember When" series or the "Critter Notebook" segments. These monthly features are an attempt at providing information that helps expand the knowledge base, strengthen a historical perspective and hopefully broaden the railfan experience. The "Yesterday's Hotspots" photo profiles produced during 2019 will remain in-place for some undetermined period.

Thanks for spending some time with us.

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