Trip Planning: Short Lines & Regionals (**)

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona & Arkansas

Short line and regional railroads often serve customers in multiple states; yet, this reference guide lists each railroad only in a single state primarily determined by location of its major engine terminal and/or shop. This approach is preferred because it enhances the opportunity to observe the railroad in operation. Note also that there is no guarantee provided or inferred as to the accuracy of information; railroads are in a constant state of change -- what maybe true one day, may not be true the next. Additionally, there is no endorsement given to any museums /attractions shown on the list. You are urged to call in advance of your visit to confirm hours of operation and status of exhibits / events.

** Railroads comprising this list are thought to be active; information to the contrary would be appreciated.


Apache #98 and five companions "steam" out of Holbrook Arizona in classic Alco style. (Patrick Phelen photo on 17 May 2012)


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