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Chicago & North Western C628 #6711 at East Minneapolis, MN on 23 December 1973 (Ralph Back photo)

Typically, the above space would be reserved for an image tied in some fashion to one of this month's spotlighted subjects. The unique nature of the Alco photo however was reason enough to make an exception. Read more here

And speaking of Alco, in June 1961, they introduced the RS32 / DL721; it was the first four-axle V12-powered locomotive to achieve 2000 horsepower. (Yes, EMD's GP20 reached that same plateau two years earlier, but it was a 16-cylinder machine.) The Schenectady, NY-builder's latest road-switcher model was driven by a 251 powerplant that had undergone five years of development and testing. The new engine replaced the problem-prone 244 prime mover that had been rushed into production in 1946 after only two years of development and field testing. The early decision had been driven out of desperation to catch EMD, but it haunted Alco to the every end in terms of missed sales opportunity. This link will take you to Alco's RS32.

Also this month, we are revisiting the Fairbanks-Morse H16-66 "Baby Trainmaster." Ralph Back has assembled additional information, along with photographs, to further profile the Wisconsin builder's master freight hauler. The initial profile of the six-axle FM giant appeared here in March 2020.

For those who have enquired, yes, additional state-based rosters are being readied. The latest batch to be added are Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. As previously outlined, the lists are intended as a quick state-by-state reference source when planning a locomotive "safari".

Appreciation -- During the past 12months, ED Weisensel, Tom Berry, Ralph Back, Deane Motis, Bruce Chapman, Bruce Mercer, Bon French, Norm Carlson, Scott Thomas, Doug Lawson, and Doug Hately havebeen valuable resources and a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, there is a group of 10 to 15 photographers whose work we often draw from, because they have granted advanced ("blanket") permission for us to use their photographs when and where needed -- with the proviso proper photo credit is shown (and their name is spelled correctly). This kind of trust saves us a great deal of time in identifying and gathering material. There is another group of a dozen photographers whom we can call with confidence for permission on short notice. Lastly and far from least, special recognition goes to Michael Richmond who has worked with me for the past seven years on rosters and photo essays. To all of you, I say thank you. -- R. Craig.

Please remember to be safe when trackside!

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Please remember to stay safe when trackside!

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    FerroMex #241 has been prepped and readied to enter revenue service on Mexico's national railroad. However, the ex-Amtrak F40PH has to first complete a 2500-mile trek to a new home south of the border. (Deane Motis photo at Seattle Washington on 1 September 2005)

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