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Deane Motis collection (photographer and data unknowwn)

EMD's SD7/SD9 models were endeared by railroads large and small, from huge class ones to busy short lines to heavy industrial users. It should be noted the first of the LaGrange six-motor road-switchers appeared in February 1952. In contrast, Alco, Baldwin and even Fairbanks had been touting the advantages of six-axle power for several years, and they had sales to show for it. According to some sources, EMD was in no position nor hurry to introduce a six-motor variant of the geep. The rational -- a backlog of F3, F7 and SW orders kept the locomotive builder's erection bays and assembly halls outside Chicago filled, along with those interim facilities in Cleveland. Luckily, Deane Motis has consented to share his large collection of EMD SD7/9 images with us; the SD7s appear this month and SD9s next month.

Also featured this month is a photo essay on the Chihuahua al Pacifico: Fairbanks-Morse's Last Stronghold. The profile was made possible by Ed Von Nordeck, who made many trips to Mexico in the 1960/70s; he has agreed to share his photography, as well that of the late Bill Farmer. Additionally, his photo essay builds on a presentation by Evan Werkema which appeared in Train Orders during 2019.

Profiled Next Month:
  • The EMD SD9
  • Short Line Spin-offs from the Rock Island
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